Friday, October 5, 2012

Breaking News: Papua New Guinea Becomes 93rd Nation to Recognize Kosovo

On October 3rd, the Independent State of Papua New Guinea became the 93rd nation (out of 193 or so, depending on how one counts them) to extend diplomatic recognition to the Republic of Kosovo.  [See special note at the end of this article as to whether Papua New Guinea or Burundi is no. 93.]

Kosovo is not a United Nations member state and is still claimed by the Republic of Serbia as part of its territory.  It declared independence unilaterally in 2008 under North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) protection.

In addition to the 93 fully recognized states, Kosovo is also recognized by the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Central Tibetan Administration (government-in-exile in India) (but not by the People’s Republic of China), the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (government-in-exile in London) (but not by the Russian Federation), the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (but not by India), and the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (but not by Ukraine).

States which recognize the Republic of Kosovo are shown in green.
U.N. Security Council permanent-member veto powers wielded by Russia and China prevent Kosovo’s admission to the General Assembly. 

[Special note (written Oct. 29, 2012): As of October 16, 2012, when the Republic of Burundi extended diplomatic recognition to Kosovo (as reported in this blog), it, too, was announced as the “93rd” nation to do so.  Though I cannot at this point go back and find my precise source, with a count, for calling Papua New Guinea the 93rd, I conjecture that the discrepancy arose because the Republic of Nigeria was for a time presumed to have recognized Kosovo until issuing a denial in September 2012.]

[Also, for those who are wondering, yes, this blog is tied in with a forthcoming book, a sort of encyclopedic atlas to be published by Auslander and Fox under the title Let’s Split! A Complete Guide to Separatist Movements, Independence Struggles, Breakaway Republics, Rebel Provinces, Pseudostates, Puppet States, Tribal Fiefdoms, Micronations, and Do-It-Yourself Countries, from Chiapas to Chechnya and Tibet to Texas.  Look for it in spring 2013.  I will be keeping readers posted of further publication news.]

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