Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jefferson State Fever Spreads to Colusa County as 51st-State Movement Refuses to Fade Away

Colusa County, on the banks of California’s Sacramento River, has become the latest jurisdiction targeted by the movement to carve a “State of Jefferson” out of the state’s far north.  Local media reported that a “declaration committee” has been formed to try to make Colusa the seventh California to pass a board-of-supervisors resolution (non-binding, of course), to join the proposed 51st state, which—and this is the idea—would be far more politically conservative than the current state as a whole.

Colusa County already borders two “Jefferson” states—Glenn and Sutter.
Activists from neighboring Glenn County—whose board of supervisors voted in favor of secession in January (as reported at the time in this blog)—is offering its help in organizing Colusa’s committee.  Modoc, Siskiyou, Sutter, Tehama, and Yuba counties have passed similar resolutions.  Colusa is one of the least populous of California’s 58 counties, with just over 20,000 people.

Last month, Del Norte, Siskiyou, and Tehama counties, in the state’s far north, held non-binding referenda on joining Jefferson.  All three votes were close, but only in Tehama did the measure pass.

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